A Message From the Artist

Ultimately, I want to be a role model for the younger generation. Once, after a show, three small children came up to me and told me they also wanted to play music “like me,” and it meant the world to me. This is why I create music: to connect with people.

To me, music has the ability to convey real emotions that couldn’t be said

otherwise. All the sadness, anger, love, and hate that we feel is often left unsaid. Writing music gives me the strength and power to explore these emotions and come to terms with them. I write what I, and the artists I collaborate with, experience; my songs are the windows into my life. Music is my creative outlet, a trusted confidant, always there for me to pour my soul into. 

I offer a unique addition to the industry because I don’t write to be marketed. I write for myself. I don’t strive for a song to be popular; I strive for my songs to be relatable. What I put down on the page is pure, unedited emotion.

I strive to reach as many people as possible with my music. I hope that by sharing my experiences of life and love, I can both inspire and relate to others who have been through similar events. I want to be able to reach a level of success that allows me to connect with thousands of people. But even if I can only change one person’s life for the better, that will be more than enough to know I made a difference.